Productive structure and paranaenses polarized regions: what has changed in a decade?


  • Antonio Carlos Moretto Universidade Estadual de Londrina
  • Rossana Lott Rodrigues Universidade Estadual de Londrina
  • Umberto Antonio Sesso Filho Universidade Estadual de Londrina


In the period 1995-2006 the paranaense economy went through a restructuring process with technological and productivity gains in several segments. In this context, this article aimed to compare interregional and intersectoral structure of the state economy during this period, subdivided into four polarized regions. Starting from the inter-regional input-output systems, the main results showed that: a) the polarized region by Curitiba reduced its trade relations with the others, becoming less dependent of the system in terms of purchase and sale of inputs, reinforcingits dynamic concentrator; b) the polarized regions by Ponta Grossa, Londrina and Cascavel became more integrated with each other and with the polarized region by Curitiba; c) the polarized regions by Curitiba and Londrina continued as the most important producers of Paraná interregional system; d) the polarized region by Cascavel was the only one of the regions improved their purchasing relationships with other regions of the system.


Keywords: Productive Structure; Polarized Regions; Synergic Interactions.