The profile of employer and family producers milk of Federal District


  • Marlon Vinícius Brisola Universidade de Brasília
  • Magali Costa Guimarães Universidade de Brasília


This article presents the profile of family farmers and milk employer the Federal District (FD/Brazil). The study refers to the clipping of a more extensive investigation conducted between 2009-2011 ina partnership between SEBRAE/DF (Support Service for Small and Medium Enterprises), EMATER/DF (Enterprise Technical Assistance and Rural Extension) and GECOMP/UNB (Study Group on the Competitiveness and Sustainability of Agribusiness). In this survey, was sought to highlight differences/similarities between the producers of the FD, comparing the results with those from surveys conducted with farmers from other regions. Some differences are highlighted in the profile of family and employers producers of DF, for example, the time of formal study, which is significantly higher among employers producers in the region, as well as intent on extending the activity. The information demonstrates similarities between the profiles of dairy farmers and their activities with those of other regions of Brazil.


Key Words: Rural development, milk producer, family farmers, employer producers.