Lessons learned from an interdisciplinary innovation camp for bachelor students

biomedical laboratory science & computer engineering


  • Kirsti E Berntsen Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Frode Vågen Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Lars Gunnar Landrø Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Innovation camps are used in both schools and higher education as a method to teach innovation. In
the bachelor setting, an interdisciplinary approach is fruitful for revealing and addressing the need for
bridging the knowledge and culture gaps that most innovative processes in working life will entail.
However, achieving engaged participation from two diverse students groups, without giving grades,
requires that the setup pays careful attention to countering both distracting factors and includes up front
preparations on how to deal with diversity. We report on our experiences from five plus years of
Innovation camps for Biomedical Laboratory Science & Computer Engineering BA students.