UNDERSTANDING PUBLIC E-SERVICES - Deconstructing e-Services to Identify Quality Aspects


  • Arild Jansen Section for eGovernment, University of Oslo
  • Svein Ølnes Vestlandsforsking (Western Norway Research Institute)


eGovernment is about providing digital services to citizens and businesses. However, we question whether all types of digital interaction between citizens or businesses and government agencies really are services. We will argue that our understanding of this concept is inadequate, and that the inflationary use of “e-services”, or “digital services”, blurs important differences between categories of interactions which have distinct quality requirements. It creates problems when developing frameworks for assessing the quality of such online services. This paper explores a framework for categorizing different types of digital communication by identifying basic service elements as part of a service. In this way we can describe and model various types of interactions between citizens and public agencies based on a consistent set of these elements. As an illustration of the usefulness of this framework, we describe some of the life event services in the EU eGovernment benchmark measurement in terms of our vocabulary. 



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