Vol. 11 (2018): NISK 2018; Proceedings of the 11th Norwegian Information Security Conference

Proceedings of the 11th Norwegian Information Security Conference

This is the published proceedings of the papers presented at NISK 2018: the 11th Norwegian Information Security Conference 2018 held on September 18-20, 2018 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

The aim of the NISK conference series is to be the principal Norwegian research venue for presenting and discussing developments in the field of ICT security and privacy, and bringing together people from universities, industry, and public authorities. We invite both national and international contributions by researchers, practitioners, and PhD- and Master thesis students presenting new problems and solutions within topics on ICT security. All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another conference or journal. Contributions can be written in English or Norwegian. The authors retain the copyrights to the published article except for this publication.

The programme committee included 25 experts covering the broad field of information security. We were able to recruit our PC members both from universities, research institutes, industries, and public organisations. The main load of review work took place in the time period of April and May 2018. The review process was performed in a timely manner thanks to the very good responsiveness of the committee members. We used the Easychair web-based system for the submission, review, and selection process.

The call for papers was published in February, and we received by end of April in total 28 submissions authored by altogether 58 researchers, distributed over these countries: Norway (42), Germany (8), Canada (2), Turkey (2), Bangladesh (1), Israel (1), UK (1), USA (1). Three double blind reviews were done for each regular research paper, whereas short papers received two independent reviews, also double blind. The programme chairs accepted 9 of the submissions as regular research papers, and 3 of the submissions as short papers. Finally, 2 submissions were accepted as a one page abstract and poster. All of these 14 contributions are scheduled for presentations at the two day conference programme, divided into five topical sessions: Crypto-primitives, Crypto-protocols, Security Analysis, Biometrics, and Malware.

The NISK keynote theme for this year was motivated by the recent important European policy impact of personal data protection and privacy regulations. The invited keynote talk is by Elise K. Lindeberg, director of the security department at the Norwegian Communication Authority. The title of the talk is Spenningsfeltet innovasjon, digitalisering og kommunikasjonsvern (Editor's translation: The Tension Field of Innovation, Digitization, and Communication Protection.)

We will also note the contributions of our national PhD student research school of computer and information security (COINS), headed by Hanno Langweg. COINS provided financial support for PhD student participation, and organised a PhD-student workshop the day before the conference. The NIKT conference budget sponsored one masterstudent presenting a NISK paper.

Over 60 registered conference participants this year sets a grand attendance record for the annual NISK conference series. Thank you very much to Ingrid Chieh Yu and her staff at the University of Oslo for an excellent organisation of all practical arrangements for the multi-conference NIKT. You made it smooth sailing!

October, 2018
Stig F. Mjølsnes

Published: 2018-10-09

Norsk Informasjonssikkerhetskonferanse 2018