Eulerian Video Magnification for Fingerprint Liveness Detection


  • Nicklas Overgaard
  • Ctirad Sousedik
  • Christoph Busch


The state-of-the art fingerprint biometric systems are potentially vulnerable to spoofing attacks by means of artefact fingerprints that can be fabricated using low-cost, widely-available resources and methods. As most to date biometric applications require cost intensive hardware for the capture device, it would be beneficial to utilize the resources provided by the widely spread Smartphone devices in order to develop a fingerprint capture solution that would include anti-spoofing countermeasures in terms of Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). This article examines the applicability of Eulerian Video Magnification method to emphasize the heartbeat-related color variations of the genuine living fingers as a means of distinguishing between genuine and artefact fingers.



Norsk Informasjonssikkerhetskonferanse 2014