Digital Platform Ecosystem Governance: Preliminary Findings and Research Agenda


  • Jon Iden NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen
  • Bendik Bygstad NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, UiO University of Oslo
  • Karen S. Osmundsen NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen
  • Carolina Costabile NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen
  • Egil Øvrelid UiO University of Oslo


This paper explores collaborative governance in digital platform ecosystems and the governance challenges that may occur in such environments. We analyze three different digital platform ecosystems and identify six unresolved key governance issues that we believe are central to the type of digital platform ecosystems we address. This paper has three contributions. First, we add to the literature on digital platform ecosystems by revealing a set of governance challenges regarding ecosystem forming and sustainability. Second, our findings may serve as recommendations for organizations that are planning to establish or that are already running an ecosystem based on a digital platform. Third, we contribute to digital platform ecosystem research by proposing an agenda for future research in this area.