Multicore Max-Flow using GraphBLAS: A Usability Study


  • Zawadi Svela
  • Anne C. Elster


Optimizing linear algebra operations has been a research topic for decades. The compact language of mathematics also produce lean, maintainable code. Using linear algebra as a high-level abstraction for graph operations is therefore very attractive. In this work, we will explore the usability of the GraphBLAS framework, currently the leading standard for graph operations that uses linear algebra as an abstraction. We analyze the usability of GraphBLAS by using it to implement the Edmonds-Karp algorithm for s-t maximum-flow/minimum-cut. To our knowledge, this work represents the first published results of Max-Flow in GraphBLAS. The result of our novel implementation was an algorithm that achieved a speedup of up to 11 over its own baseline, and is surprisingly compact and easy to reason about.