Selecting a GC for Java Applications


  • Sanaz Tavakolisomeh
  • Rodrigo Bruno
  • Paulo Ferreira


Nowadays, there are several Garbage Collector (GC) solutions that can be used in an application. Such GCs behave differently regarding several performance metrics, in particular throughput, pause time, and memory usage. Thus, choosing the correct GC is far from trivial due to the impact that di?erent GCs have on several performance metrics. This problem is particularly evident in applications that process high volumes of data/transactions especially, potentially leading to missed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or high cloud hosting costs. In this paper, we present: i) thorough evaluation of several of the most widely known and available GCs for Java in OpenJDK HotSpot using different applications, and ii) a method to easily pick the best one. Choosing the best GC is done while taking into account the kind of application that is being considered (CPU or I/O intensive) and the performance metrics that one may want to consider: throughput, pause time, or memory usage.