“Best Practice” without Evidence – Agile Software Methodology as Example


  • Andrei Ranete Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences


Despite the essentiality of education, and the widely known unscientific nature of expert opinion, education in general appears to be based on expert opinion. The example analyzed herein is of Agile software methodology, which is deemed a best practice and therefore taught in most IT studies, in Norway and most probably internationally. This is despite that it appears to be a well known fact within its respective field that the Agile methodology lacks scientific justification. A tertiary analysis was conducted to test this well known fact and to serve as basis for exploring what should be considered sufficient evidence for inclusion within official education. The result of the tertiary study is that, indeed, the evidence for the Agile methodology is scarce at best. A method to avoid such mistake is suggested, which could be valuable to science in general. This method entails employing philosophers of science, epistemologists, to counteract potential expert biases and verify the curriculum before it is accepted in official education.