Survey of interactions in popular VR experiences


  • Kjetil Raaen
  • Hanne Sørum


As the first step in a project to examine the quality of interactions in the relatively young field ofVirtualReality (VR), this study showcases the creative variation among modes of interaction. The present paper reports on a multiple case study reviewing VR applications focusing primarily on interactions. By surveying a set of popular applications, we explore the variety as well as the developing conventions within user interactions in VR. Because this research is work-in-progress we provide some preliminary insight that we can build on and discuss in upcoming studies. Our results show a wide array of different ways of interacting with such applications. Generally, these can be categorised in one of a few groups; menus, locomotion and interaction with the virtual environment. We also argue that theory from the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) can be applied to VR in regards to design of user interfaces.