Realistic face manipulation by morphing with average faces


  • Joar Midtun University of Bergen
  • Bjørnar Tessem University of Bergen
  • Simen Karlsen University of Bergen
  • Lars Nyre University of Bergen


Face manipulation has become a standard feature of many social media services.. Most of these applications use the feature for entertainment purposes.. However,, such manipulation techniques could also have potential in a journalistic setting.. For instance,, one could create realis tic,, anonymized faces,, as an aesthetic alternative to the coarse techniques of blurring or pixelation normally used today.. In this paper,, we describe how we can use algorithms for face manipulation from computer vision to anonymize faces in journalism . The technique described uses morphing with average faces from a selection of faces that is similar to the original face,, and alters the faces in the original pictures into realistic - looking face manipulations . However,, it struggle s with sufficient anonymizati on due to identifiable non - facial features of persons in an image..