ADIOS LDA: When Grammar Induction Meets Topic Modeling


  • University of Bergen
  • University of Bergen


We explore the interplay between grammar induction and topic modeling approaches to unsupervised text processing. These two methods complement each other since one allows for the identification of local structures centered around certain key terms, while the other generates a document wide context of expressed topics. This approach allows us to access and identify semantic structures that would be otherwise hardly discovered by using only one of the two aforementioned methods. Using our approach, we are able to provide a deeper understanding of the topic structure by examining inferred information structures characteristic of given topics as well as capture differences in word usage that would be hard by using standard disambiguation methods. We perform our exploration on an extensive corpus of blog posts centered around the surveillance discussion, where we focus on the debate around the Snowden affair. We show how our approach can be used for (semi-) automated content classification and the extraction of semantic features from large textual corpora.