A Measurement-Driven Approach to Understand Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Nordic Cities


  • Dirk Ahlers NTNU
  • Patrick Driscoll NTNU
  • Frank Alexander Kraemer NTNU
  • Fredrik Anthonisen NTNU
  • John Krogstie NTNU


Cities are main drivers for climate change mitigation and emission reduction today. However, in many cases they lack reliable baselines of emissions to validate current developments over time, assess the impact of their projects, and prioritize investments and actions. They also need better data on a small geospatial and temporal scale to really understand local emissions. This paper describes the rationale and the design of the Carbon Track and Trace project (CTT) that aims to develop an automated system for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions monitoring through a low-cost city-level sensor network. The system is based on a flexible architecture incorporating open source sensor platforms, an Internet-of-Things wireless backbone, and extensive data analytics. We describe concept, architecture, and deployment as well as initial results.