Towards a Multi Metamodelling Approach for Developing Distributed Healthcare Applications


  • Fazle Rabbi Bergen University College, Norway University of Oslo, Norway
  • Yngve Lamo Bergen University College, Norway
  • Ingrid Chieh Yu University of Oslo, Norway
  • Lars Michael Kristensen Bergen University College, Norway


Model Driven Engineering, Multilevel Metamodelling, Modelling distributed applications, Coordination of distributed systems


Model Driven Engineering (MDE) uses formal methods to build mathematically rigorous models of complex systems. Metamodelling plays an important role in MDE as it is used to specify domain specific modelling languages. However, the potential of metamodelling has not been fully explored. Current approaches of MDE are often at a low level of abstraction and lack domain concepts for specifying behavior. In previous work, we proposed a multi metamodelling approach that captures the complexity of systems by using a metamodelling hierarchy, built from individually defined metamodels, each capturing different aspects of a healthcare domain. In this paper, we focus on modelling distributed healthcare applications and present an example from the healthcare domain. We address certain modelling aspects related to distributed applications such as process modelling, using message passing communication, and coordination of processes and resources.