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Older issues (2007–2016)

The following list comprise older issues (from 2007 to 2016) of the IARTEM e-journal. In a transitional phase the article links will point to the former website of the e-journal

Volume 8 Number 1-2, December 2016

Editorial Volume 8 No 1-2

Ting Graf, Stefan & Carlsen, Dorthe. (2016). Systematic, digital student feedback for differentiated teaching. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 8 Number 1-2, 2-25.
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Watt, Michael G. (2016). The Common Core State Standards and the Role of Instructional Materials: a Case Study on EdReports.org. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 8 Number 1-2, 26-49.
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Medina, Ramón Martínez. (2016). La enseñanza de la Climatología en el cambio normativo LOE-LOMCE (España): una mirada a través de los Manuales Escolares de Educación Primaria. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 8 Number 1-2, 50-66.
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Picanço, Deise Cristina de Lima & Vailatti, Teurra Fernandes. (2016). As histórias em quadrinhos nos livros didáticos de francês destinados a crianças e adolescentes. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 8 Number 1-2, 67-96.
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Volume 7 Number 3, December 2015

The first three papers in Volume 7 Number 3 are the special issue which emerged from a conference State of the Art of Research on Educational Media and Textbooks in Discipline Education conducted by Eric Bruillard and Peter Bagoly-Simo from IARTEM.

Beauné, Aurélie, Bento, Margaret, and Riquois, Estelle. (2015). The authenticity of resources for the teaching of foreign languages and cultures in France: variable geometry notion. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 7 Number 3 1-24. (Article) (Abstract)

Baron, Georges-Louis and Zablot, Solène. (2015). Research on educational media and resources in the field of French vocational education.The case of automobile maintenance. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 7 Number 3 25-44. (Article) (Abstract)

Kummer-Hannoun, Pascale & Roux-Goupille, Camille. (2015). Twenty years of evolution in French secondary school science textbooks. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 7 Number 3 45-73. (Article) (Abstract)

Muhammad, Yaar & Brett, Peter. (2015). Beyond binary discourses? Pakistan studies textbooks and representations of cultural, national, and global identity. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 7 Number 3 74-101. (Article) (Abstract)

Volume 7 Number 2, September 2015

Hodkinson, Alan. (2015). The anti-democratic employment of school cyberspace. A pilgrimage into an Arab winter? IARTEM e-Journal 7 (2) 1-21 (Abstract) (Article)(Portugués Abstract)(Español Abstract)

Reichenberg, Olof. (2015). Explaining Variation in Usage of Instructional Materials in Teaching Practice: Collegial Focus and Teachers' Decision Making Power. IARTEM e-Journal 7 (2) 22-47 (Abstract) (Article)(Portugués Abstract)(Español Abstract)

Watt, Michael. (2015). Research on textbook use in the United States. IARTEM e-Journal 7 (2) 48-72 (Abstract) (Article)(Portugués Abstract)(Español Abstract)

Thorp, Robert.(2015). Representation and interpretation: Textbooks, teachers and historical culture. IARTEM e-Journal 7 (2) 73-99 (Abstract) (Article)(Portugués Abstract) (Español Abstract)


Watt, Michael. (2015). States' Implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the Australian Curriculum: a Comparison of the Change Process in Two Countries. IARTEM e-Journal 7 (2)(Review)

Volume 7 Number 1, March 2015

Falkesgaard Slot, Marie. (2015). Scaffolding students’ assignments. IARTEM e-Journal 7 (1) 1-15 (Abstract) (Article)

Martins, Alisson Antonio & Dias Garcia Nilson Marcos. (2015). Between culture and the market: what do physics teachers take into account when choosing their textbooks? IARTEM e-Journal 7 (1) 16-37 (Abstract) (Article)

Gun?aga, Ján. (2015). The use of some historical mathematical textbooks from the Teachers’ Institute in Spišská Kapitula in the 19th century and first half of 20th century. IARTEM e-Journal 7 (1) 38-58 (Abstract) (Article)

Mažeikien?, Natalija & Gerulaitien?, Egl?. (2015). Simulation games as educational texts and mediational tools for intercultural learning. IARTEM e-Journal 7 (1) 59-84 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 6 Number 3, December 2014

Kiai, Alice. (2014). 'I enjoy teaching by writing': experiences of Kenyan secondary school English textbook authors. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (3) 1 - 30 (Abstract) (Article)

Richardson, Susan.(2014). Australian classroom teacher homework practices in designing homework learning resources. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (3) 31-48 (Abstract) (Article)

Rodriguez, Montserrat Casto. (2014). Inclusive education in environmental studies textbooks for primary education. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (3) 49-66 (Abstract) (Article)

Stará, Jana and Krčmářová, Tereza. (2014). How teachers reflect on textbook materials and how they utilise them. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (3) 67-87 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 6 Number 2, August 2014

Popow, Monika. (2014). The analysis of discursive constructions of national identity in Polish literature textbooks. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 1 – 19 (Abstract) (Article)

Chalhoub, Faten, Hodkinson, Alan & Ververi, Olga. (2014). Employment of American and British first language textbooks as a foreign language resource in private schools in South Lebanon. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 21-43 (Abstract) (Article)

Iversen, Jan Viggo. (2014). Knowledge of teaching resources in the training of primary and lower secondary school teachers. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 44-70 (Abstract) (Article)

Reichenberg, Monica. (2014). Predicting teachers’ choice of teaching and learning materials: A survey study with Swedish teachers. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 71-93 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 6 Number 1, January 2014

Hodkinson, Alan (2014). 'Safe spaces' - Electronic media, the Internet, and the representation of disability. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 1 - 20 (Abstract) (Article)

Darani, Ahmadi Parviz and Talebinejad, Mohammad Reza (2014). Evaluation of in-House and global ESP textbooks: A Genre-Based approach. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 21 - 37 (Abstract) (Article)

Keith, Becky., Sloas, Stacey, B., Mooney., Melody, & Norris, Tracie. (2014). Readability of PTA textbooks and reading comprehension rates of PTA students. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 38 - 47 (Abstract) (Article)

Ambrosetti, Angelina (2014). Teaching and learning materials utilised in professional development for mentor teachers. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 49 - 63 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 5 Number 2, April 2013

Pudas, Anna-Kaisa (2013).Investigating possibilities to develop textbooks to implement global education in basic education instruction. IARTEM e-Journal 5 (2) 1 - 22 (Abstract) (Article)

Alemi, Minoo & Rezanezhad, Atefeh (2013). Academic Word List: Coverage Range in Local/Global Textbooks and Exploring Effective Ways of Teaching and Testing of AWL. IARTEM e-Journal 5 (2) 23 - 41 (Abstract) (Article)

Alemi, Minoo, Jahangard, Ali, & Hesami, Zahra (2013). A Comparison of Two Global ELT Course books in Terms of Their Task Types. IARTEM e-Journal 5 (2) 42 - 63 (Abstract) (Article)

Reichenberg, Monica (2013). Are "reader-friendly" texts always better? IARTEM e-Journal 5 (2) 64 - 82 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 5 Number 1, August 2012

Editorial Volume 5 No 1

Knudsen, Susanne V. (2012). Views and Voices: Indigenous people in Australian teaching and learning materials, 2000-2011. IARTEM e-Journal 5 (1) 1 - 21 (Abstract) (Article)

Senegacnik, Jurij. (2012). European traditional national minorities in Slovenian geography textbooks compared with textbooks from other European countries. IARTEM e-Journal 5 (1) 22-32 (Abstract) (Article)

Bagoly-Simo, Peter. (2012). Divided world versus one world: A comparative analysis of non-continuous text elements in school geography textbooks of international selection. IARTEM e-Journal 5 (1) 33-44 (Abstract) (Article)

Wikman, Tom (2012). Down and Up: Textbook research in Australia and Finland. IARTEM e-Journal 5 (1) 45-53 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 4 Number 2, December 2011

Editorial Vol 4 No 2

Sikorova, Zuzana (2011). The role of textbooks in lower secondary schools in the Czech Republic. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (2) 1 - 22 (Abstract) (Article)

Boughanmi, Youssef (2011). Educational styles and contents of illustrations in Tunisian texts in geology: A critical textbook from the didactic perspective. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (2) 23 - 44 (Abstract) (Article)

Dargusch, Jo. Persaud, Nayadin. & Horsley, M. (2011). Judging the quality of educational materials - a research project on student voice. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (2) 45 - 62 (Abstract) (Article)

Wilkens, Hendrianne (2011). Textbook approval systems and the Program for Student Evaluation (PISA) results: A preliminary analysis. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (2) 63 - 74 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 4 Number 1, July 2011

Editorial Vol 4 No 1

Jørgensen, Iben Brinch (2011). The face of the factory girl: Educational rhetoric in the mediation of an historical place. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (1) 1 - 19 (Abstract) (Article)

Morgan, Anne-Marie, Kohler, Michelle & Harbon, Lesley (2011). Developing intercultural language learning textbooks: Methodological trends, engaging with the intercultural construct, and personal reflections on the process. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (1) 20 - 51 (Abstract) (Article)

Crawford, Keith (2011). Books versus 'The Book': The 1974 Kanawha County Textbook Controversy. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (1) 52 - 73 (Abstract) (Article)

Stewart, Colin (2011). Re-write or be written out: moving a textbook through changing paradigms. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (1) 74 - 99 (Abstract) (Article)

Rodríguez Rodríguez, Jesús (2011). Production and adaptation of materials for teachers and students: understanding socio-cultural diversity in marginalised and disadvantaged contexts. IARTEM e-Journal 4 (1) 100 - 125 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 3 Number 2, December 2010

Editorial Vol 3 No 2

Danielsson, Kristina (2010). Learning Chemistry: Text use and text talk in a Finland-Swedish chemistry classroom. IARTEM e-Journal 3 (2) 1 - 28 (Abstract) (Article)

Rønningen, Anders (2010). Pictures from Ethnia: Peepholes into otherness: A brief analysis of pictures used in Norwegian music textbooks for the 8th grade. IARTEM e-Journal 3 (2) 29 - 42 (Abstract) (Article)

Horsley, Mike, Knight, Bruce & Huntly, Helen (2010). The role of textbooks and other teaching and learning resources in higher education in Australia: change and continuity in supporting learning. IARTEM e-Journal 3 (2) 43 - 61 (Abstract) (Article)

Askeland, Norunn & Aamotsbakken, Bente (2010). Understandings and misunderstandings of metaphor and images in science textbooks among minority pupils in Norwegian primary schools. IARTEM e-Journal 3 (2) 62 - 80 (Abstract) (Article)

Bauer, Kathy (2010).Textbooks and teaching and learning materials: A case study from the Early Childhood classroom. IARTEM e-Journal 3 (2) 81 - 96 (Abstract) (Article)

Volume 3 Number 1, June 2010

Editorial Vol 3 No 1

Knudsen, V. Susanne (2010). With gender awareness: Improving the reading of gender in educational texts and illustrations. (Abstract) (Article)

Fahlgren, S & Johansson, A. (2010). Reading normalised knowledge production from a feminist perspective: A case study. (Abstract) (Article)

Horsley, M (2010). Motivation to learn about teaching and learning materials: and their use during teacher education in Australia. (Abstract) (Article)

Lund, R. (2010). Teaching a world language for local contexts: The case of Namibian textbooks for the teaching of English. (Abstract) (Article)

Morgan, K. (2010). Of 'wealthy industrialists' and 'white protestant Europeans': The history of race racism as portrayed in a South African textbook. (Abstract) (Article)

2009 Archive.

Volume 2 Number 1, 2009.

Editorial Vol2 No1

Wikman, T. (2009) Reconsidering considerate textbooks (abstract) (article)

Ravelonanahary, M. & Clemons, A. (2009) What does resource-challenged mean according to educators and educational researchers? A review of the literature relevant to textbooks and education media in Madagascar (abstract) (article)

Raholiarisoa, H. (2009) Adapting Other Countries Instructional Materials For Teacher Training In Madagascar (abstract) (article)

Watt, M. (2009) Research on the Textbook Selection Process in the United States of America (abstract) (article)

August 2007 Archive


Volume 1 Number 1, August 2007.

Crawford, K. & Jingjing, S. (2007). The Nanjing Massacre: Official remembrance and history textbooks in the People's Republic of China (abstract) (article)

Skjelbred, D. (2007) Teachers' Guides in Textbook Research. (abstract) (article)

Watt, M. (2007) Research on the Textbook Publishing Industry in the United States of America. (abstract) (article)

Hodkinson, A. (2007) Inclusive Education and the cultural representation of disability and Disabled people within the English Education System: a critical examination of the mediating influence of primary school textbooks. (abstract) (article)