Teachers’ Guides in Textbook Research


  • Dagrun Skjelbred Vestfold University College




Textbooks, Identity, Teachers' Guides, Norway, Primary Textbooks, Textbooks Research


Texts that accompany students’ textbooks, as teachers’ guides and different types of handbooks, are common in the field of education. In my country, Norway, it is ”a must” to produce texts that address the teachers about the ways in which the textbooks could – or should- be used. It is unthinkable that any publisher would construct a textbook concept, that did not include a guide. It seems that many teachers feel the need for such guides, and that they are in fact a part of the textbook genre. There might be some national and cultural differences in content, in shape, in ways of writing these texts, and it could be an interesting question to ask what these possible variations consist of, and what issues they are due to. Anyway, these guiding texts are important in many countries, and well worth studying

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Dagrun Skjelbred, Vestfold University College

Professor Dragun Skjelbred is a Professor of Education at Tonsberg College Norway

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