Research on educational media and resources in the field of French vocational education. The case of automobile maintenance


  • Georges-Louis Baron Université Paris Descartes
  • Solène Zablot Université Paris Descartes



automobile maintenance, vocational education and training resources, teachers, history


In France, vocational educational has a long history. It was institutionalised by the Ministry of Education in the 19th century, separate from private enterprise. Since the 1980s, a new process of convergence between general and vocational education has been engaged in order to propose an initial training and a general education to vocational students and apprentices. To this end, vocational teachers are strongly invited to use professional resources, such as those used in the commercial sector, as references.
Our paper investigates the issue of resource usage by teachers in a specific field: automobile maintenance. This field is particularly interesting because, in recent decades, the knowledge and competencies to be transmitted have widely evolved. After a thorough literature review, we found only a few scientific references about research on these issues, which have mainly been undertaken by ergonomists, sociologists and didacticians in this domain. However, many resources have been developed, in particular on the Internet, and these constitute an interesting field to investigate. So the situation might be changing

Author Biographies

Georges-Louis Baron, Université Paris Descartes

Georges-Louis Baron is currently Professor of Education at Université Paris 5-René Descartes, Faculté des Sciences Humaines et Sociales – Sorbonne, EDA research team. He has, for a long time, been investigating questions tied to the educational use of various forms of ICT and digital resources and has extensive experience of collaborative research led with practitioners.
He can be reached by email at:

Solène Zablot, Université Paris Descartes

Solène Zablot is a doctoral student in education at Université Paris Descartes, EDA research team. After having completed her undergraduate studies in psychology, she switched to education. Her PhD research analyses how digital resources impact the activity of teachers in the automotive maintenance field.
She can be reached on email at:



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Baron, G.-L., & Zablot, S. (2015). Research on educational media and resources in the field of French vocational education. The case of automobile maintenance. IARTEM E-Journal, 7(3), 25-44.