Materiais Didáticos para ensinar Arte

questões para a docência e para a formação de professores


  • Mauren Teuber



Art Teaching, Art Teacher Training, Art Teaching Material, Art school subject


This study reports results of an investigation which had the objective of capturing elements of the relationship between teachers and Art teaching materials. The study is supported by theoretical references which aim to point out that conceptions of school knowledge, teachers and students are not innocent, as well as the teaching materials and the school form present in them. This document searches approximations for the subject of Art for the comprehension of the status of this subject in the school. From the empirical standpoint, the data were produced from an investigation with Art teachers from the Paraná State public schools (southern Brazil). Two surveys were conducted, in the form of questionnaires in order to identify their opinions and choices regarding the presence of didactic materials in Art classes.. The presented results points out elements of a positive relationship among Art teachers and the teaching materials which are used as one of many possibilities of teaching, beyond its recognized restrictions.

Author Biography

Mauren Teuber

Mauren Teuber has a Ph.D. degree at the Paraná Federal University, Brazil, having studied, during the Ph.D., at the Florida State University, in the Department of Art Education, as a CAPES / FULBRIGHT scholar. Professor of the Art Education Major at the Paraná State University. 



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Teuber, M. (2017). Materiais Didáticos para ensinar Arte: questões para a docência e para a formação de professores. IARTEM E-Journal, 9(1), 103-121.