La formación de los docentes en Educación para el Desarrollo y su relación con los materiales didácticos editados por las ONGD

  • Marta Espluges Cebrián
Keywords: Education for development, Teacher´s training, New pedagogies, Teaching learning strategies, Primary and secondary education


This article summarizes the results of a study about didactical material edited by Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDO) that can be used in classrooms as an alternative for the traditional textbooks. The study analyses 19 works that bring the theme of Education for Development (published from 2000 until 2011), in the last cycle of primary education and the first years of high school. It is inquired if they have evolved or not in comparison with traditional textbooks in certain issues such as: gender, environment, interculturality, human rights, sustainability and culture of peace. Finally the research suggests that sometimes the same hegemonic models are reiterated although it is also true that there are more progressive materials that bring critical-dialogical perspective and are facing the Education for Development issues.