Aporte de los libros de texto y el discurso argumentativo al proceso de democratización en Argentina

  • Luis María Rodríguez Universidad Nacional de Luján
Keywords: Textbooks, Argumentative speech, Social democratization,, Teaching task


The approach of argumentation adopted in textbooks should follow the stage of institutional and social democratic strengthening in our country, within the framework of the curricular documents in force. Therefore, the purpose of this research, approved by the Department of Education - National University of Luján -Province of Buenos Aires - Argentina Republic (2010/13), focused on the characterization and evaluation of argumentation, as a complex and fundamental discursive construction for everyday life, supported in the Elementary and High School textbooks used in the considered educational jurisdiction. Arising data was triangulated with the resulting one of the investigation of curricular documents and the analysis of teachers’ contributions. The study conclusions, if considered relevant, could be used in the selection of textbooks, in the improvement of editorial productions and in the evaluation of the curriculum proposals.