MOOCs as contemporary forms of books

new educational services between control and conversation


  • Eric Bruillard Paris-Descartes University



Mooc, book, control, conversation, scrambled book, monitorial system


This text is devoted to an analysis of the Moocs, taking the viewpoint of the participants in these distance courses. Drawing on the emergence of new practices of training consumption, it tries to make the link between different perspectives of research: those coming from distance education, those relating to the analysis of educational resources, from textbooks. Taking into account the evolutions of books, especially with digital and Internet, it shows that considering Moocs as contemporary forms of educational (or cultural) books leads to change certain research issues and, more simply, the analyses devoted to them. Finally, it discusses two central processes in education, conversation and control, and shows how their articulation is reflected in the Moocs and how they are designed and used.

Author Biography

Eric Bruillard, Paris-Descartes University

Eric Bruillard is now full professor at the Paris-Descartes University and a member of the EDA laboratory ( He was director of the research unit STEF (ENS Cachan), chief editor of the scientific journal STICEF ( He is the designer and coordinator of the Mooc eFAN series (teaching and training with digital) on the FUN platform.



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Bruillard, E. (2017). MOOCs as contemporary forms of books: new educational services between control and conversation. IARTEM E-Journal, 9(1), 142-164.